Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Gathering Darkness: A Scream Team Photoshoot

A Gathering Darkness...From all realms and realities, come the bad-asses who want to make their mark on this world. They gather in secret, in an abandoned alley, to plot the virtual destruction of their enemies.

Photoshoot. Six Monsters, Three Makeup artists and a roomful of talent. Stay tuned for shots..

Thank you, Adam, Dan, Marti, Tawd, Rusty and Alex. Also, thanks to the awesome Mike Spatola and Rod Maxwell!

The Scream Team

The Scream Team

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zombie Wedding: Til Death Do Us Part

Zombies. In Wedding attire. 107 Degree heat. That was our day, yesterday... No complaints, though. Heat aside ---our models were so much fun and our photographer was stellar, and the makeup was awesome as ever (if we do say so ourselves.)
It was fun finding abandoned areas to shoot in. Well, it was fun TRYING to find abandoned areas.! The models were a couple so they were not as inhibited about a wedding zombie shoot as two strangers would be!  We used Dead Lee, one of our best selling pieces on The Groom. He rocked it. And we used our BRAND NEW ZOMBIE PIECE, "Z" on The Bride. We loved both of them. "Z" has exposed bone and a wicked set of molars showing. Its a two piece appliance, so you can choose to wear the bottom half or not, its the user's choice.
Zombie wedding, The Scream Team, Dead Lee, Z, Zombies, zombie makeup
Zombie Wedding: 'Till Death Do Us Part

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Klout score: What is it? And how does it relate to monsters?

Klout. What the heck is KLOUT? You may be seeing that term/ website all over the place of late.
Klout is a website that uses analytics and algorithms to calculate how influential you are on social media, like Twitter and Facebook. The scoring system is 1-100. YouTube has a score of 100. Barack Obama has a score of 98. Topics of influence can be created by the user and by people he/she influences. So say, you are a super awesome World Of Warcraft expert. Add that to you topics list and people can give you points (called Klout +) and little by little your Klout score rises.
SO what's the big deal about that? We have read that some employers are checking Klout scores before an interview. Odd, yes maybe at this point. But not in a year or so. Check it out and see what your score is.
Pops The Clown Has Klout. Or Klown. 
It's more of a social media game at this point. But who knows how important this will be in the future. 
So how does this relate to Halloween, monsters, foam latex appliances and general scary stuff? Well, the more influential we are online, the more people like you will be able to find us. And don't we want more scary clowns running around? We do.
Ciao For Now, Our monster army..
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Goin' to see an exorcist? Us too! Hollywood makeup, fear, faith and demons

A few of us are going to see the Broadway bound play, The Exorcist soon, here in L.A.. This brings up the topic of fear, religion, possession, faith and redemption. Some of us here at The Scream Team grew up reading  Peter Blatty's book  back in the day. That, coupled with Dick Smith's amazing makeup on Linda Blair,  we think The Exorcist is still very scary. Yes, there's bloodier and gorier scare flicks, but the Exorcist frightens on a primal and intelligent level. (At least to us!)

Nefarious Foam Latex Appliance | The Scream Team | Demon
Nefarious Foam Latex Appliance |The Scream Team
Many believe religion is based on fear: fearing God, devils, punishment. We won't go into that in our little special effects makeup blog, but suffice it to say, your background can play a big part in what you fear and don't fear. 

We will let you know how the play production fares. Maybe we should go to see in in full foam latex makeup! (We will show them what scary is!) 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ron Perlman dons Hellboy makeup for Make-A-Wish Kid

Ron Perlman has always been a favorite of The Scream Team. His extensive talent in being able to act in full prosthetic makeup is legendary. He just "gets it". Well, today we wanted to share a news story about Ron that we just LOVED:

He donned his Hellboy makeup once again, not for film, not for a swanky Hollywood event, but for a little boy from Make-A-Wish Foundation who wanted to hang out with Hellboy and become Hellboy himself. Ron Perlman and his makeup team made this happen. Amazing. Mr. Perlman, you are our hero as well!
Ron Perlman and his fan

Happy Haunting!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So Whaddya Wanna Know? Give us COOL Topics, Kids!

Hey All You Collective Cacophony Of Creative Creepiness! We want to know what your ideas on topics for our blogs, articles, etc. Funny, Halloweeny, Makeup...Anything that you think you want to read about. Best 10 ideas get a prize from us! Share this on your FB page and RT it, tweeters. Thanks!

Happy Haunting!

The Scream Team
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Scream Team's "Freedom From Shipping and Handling" Sale! Foam Latex Sale

ONE DAY ONLY! Free shipping and handling for all U.S. Orders ordering a facial foam latex appliance. Freedom from the tyranny of postal FEES! (Okay. that's a bit strong..) Use CODE: JULY4
Share the love.. Retweet, Digg, Blog and Facebook US and our sale... Get it going, kids.

Thanks, Happy Haunters!
The Scream Team

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stupid things people do when they are scared

Being in the makeup effects industry we can say we have almost "seen in all", when it comes to the way the public reacts to being scared. Some people do the craziest things when they are genuinely frightened. We have witnessed screaming, crying, punching and other acts of violence, urination, defecation, going into labor, freezing motionless on the spot, histrionics, uncontrollable shaking, and much more.
The violent and angry reactions, like punching are of course, the hardest to take. There is nothing stronger than a pumped up 14 girl with an adrenaline kick from being scared of your character, beware! LOL!

So if you are in the scare industry, and are new to it.. Please note, some peoples first reaction is to lash out. Understand this and perform safely out of range if you can.

What is the funniest/weirdest reaction you have ever gotten while wearing a foam latex appliance, like ours?

Post here  and let us know. We love to hear the Halloween haunted industry stories...

Happy Haunting!
The Scream Team

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Cyber Monday Madness At The Scream Team!

We know, some of you actually love Halloween so much, you give Halloween themed Christmas and Hanukkah gifts! So, we too are diving into the Black Friday Cyber Monday Madness! Buy Two Foam Latex Appliances (full face only) and Get One Free! Code: Buy2Get1 OR Free Shipping and Handling for U.S. Orders Code:freeshipnov
Limited to stock on hand. Sale begins Thanksgiving evening and runs until midnight Tuesday November 29th, 2011.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Scream Team Enters A Wicked OZ

What a day for a wicked photoshoot!

Lots of our fans on Facebook have been waiting for our new piece, Scarecrow to make his appearance. At last the day for the photoshoot arrived.

Scott and Mike were ready to go, as the makeup artistes extraordinaire! Our models, Matt and Ary were willing, able and chomping at the bit to make this shoot a success.

During the application process, Lola and Matt were talking about how cool it would be to have Lola in the shoot as Dorothy! A perfect blue dress magically appeared and Lola was already wearing her ruby Converse. Perfect. Bad-Ass Trip To Oz is on!

The makeup was awesome as ever, Scott has sculpted Scarecrow's facial texture to look like real burlap fabric!  It was amazing to watch the transformation! Mike's take on The Crow (also known as our Raptor piece) was perfect.

We all wanted Scarecrow to be a questionable character, not the classic good guy. We wanted a "Wizard Of Oz meets Batman villain"! We achieved that to be sure.

Ary was amazing in his movements, he WAS that crow! Slightly Steampunk, ever-creepy. Perfect. Matt amazed us with the emotion in his eyes. He just got it. Angry, misunderstood, not too villainous, but don't trust him. He nailed it.

Lola is our resident bad-ass in training. She is a girly-girl with ton of spunk. (She can shoot a bow and arrow, people!) So, we wanted her Dorothy to be more like a slightly more demure Xena. A crow slayer with a loyalty to her friend, Scarecrow. Lola done good.

Mike's photography was brilliant. Ever willing to fight biting bugs, flies and treacherous footing to the get right shot. Thanks, Mike!

All in all, a fun day. We love the shots and feel it looks cinematic. (Hmmm? There's an idea...)

Scarecrow is going to be in limited runs, but we are going to do all we can to accommodate everyone that wants this bad boy.

Every piece in our line comes with downloadable directions as to apply, color, remove and re-use the foam latex appliance. But Scarecrow warranted his own addendum, also downloadable. Make sure to download and READ both, folks!

Happy Haunting, Scream Teamers!

The Scream Team

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can You Use A Foam Latex Appliance Over Facial Hair?

We get this question quite frequently: "Can I use Scream Team Foam Latex Appliances over my beard/mustache/goatee?" The answer can be found on our Facebook page here.

Foam latex appliances adhere best to clean shaven skin
Really, George?
In essence yes, you can. We usually recommend men to be completely clean-shaven. The cleaner the better. It creates better adhesion to the appliance. But, that being said, there are ways to have a shorter facial hair and wear an appliance.

Remember the key is to make sure that the areas where the appliance and the face meet, needs to be clean-shaven or the look will NOT work. A beard coming through the side of The Clown's face but not on his evil cheeks and chin does not a scary clown make. It ruins the illusion.

We think of it this way: you are willing to buy a movie quality appliance, take the time to make it perfect, why not shave all the way? (Yeah, we hear ya, brothas..."but it's part of ME..") So in that interest, we have given the you instructions on how to have reasonable facial hair and wear a foam latex prosthetic. 

Hope it helps!

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Scream Team On Geek Show Podcast! Holla!

Hey Kiddies...

Lola in her knit version of the Rebel Alliance Hat!
We wanted to let you know we the kind folk of The Scream Team were mentioned on The Geek Show Podcast this past week!

Our shop manager, foam runner and Geek Collector, Lola Binkerd was back in her old stomping grounds (SLC) and popped by the fellas at he podcast to say "Hey!"...(Run for the hills, boys..It's a real live GIRL!)
She mentioned us and was thoroughly entertaining! Thanks, Lola. You rock.

(Kerry, Jimmy and JMV, you have our permission "borrow" her from us for your podcasts.. she was awesome.) Download the podcast here.

Happy Hauntings,
The Scream Team
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sneak Peak Of The Scream Team's NEW DESIGN for 2011!

We are biased, yes but Scott is pretty much the fastest sculptor in the biz. Two days ago, he was told that customers on FB and Twitter were clamoring for a scarecrow design.  Done and done--and  it's being duplicated many times over for the molding process already (We have a feeling that this new going to be HUGELY popular!)

We have seen scarecrows done before in foam latex. While they all have their charms, Scott wanted a different take on it. Scott usually designs things that can work well with the average structure of the human face/anatomy. But he also comes from the place of, "More is not always better - or scarier for that matter." Frequently, makeup designers go over the top in terms of design... Forgetting that a real human being has to wear the appliance, move in it and bring it to life. Scott has a unique ability to create pieces that highlight the wearer's humanity.

Enter Scarecrow. This design will be probably the only scarecrow foam latex appliance on the market that can look completely different on every user. Scott did not sculpt in any of those  infamous scarecrow stitches at all. He wants to let the user decide where they want the stitches! (Using twine, thread, or even just makeup Scott will show you how it's done. ) This piece even has the ability to have a burlap hood attached.

One customer on Facebook, suggested that RAPTOR could be used for a woman and SCARECROW for a man.. NICE. Couple photoshoot in the works!

foam latex appliance, Halloween foam latex, scarecrow foam latex prosthetic, Halloween masks

Monday, August 1, 2011

Henry: The Ballad Of The Scream Team Shop Dog

Henry's motto: Naps Solve All Problems
We, at The Scream Team love animals. In fact, we sometimes make a decision on a stranger's character solely based on what Henry, (The Scream Team Basset Hound) thinks of them. (Luckily, Henry's opinions of others usually rests completely on the person's willingness to rub his belly. Go figure. )

Henry likes to be in the mix of things around the shop. His nickname is "speed bump", because of unique proclivity to lay exactly in your walking path. It's his non verbal way of telling us to, "Slow down! take it easy."

"But why does it smell so bad?"
At one point, a cup blood red colored latex got tipped over and a bit of it landed on sweet ole Henry's posterior. And it was not noticed until late in the day when we worried he might have been hurt. "Is that BLOOD?? Is Henry BLEEDING??" Nope. Liquid Latex...DRIED. into. the. dog fur. We combed, brushed and even super-solved the area. And decided that since it didn't hurt Henry, we should leave his poor hindquarters alone. In fact, it became his Halloween makeup effects badge of honor!

We have not trained King Henry to run foam yet, due to his annoying lack of opposable thumbs. Yet his zen-like ability to nap in the make-up chaos keeps us all centered during the busy Halloween rush.

"See, belly rubs are magic!"
The creation of foam latex appliances can be difficult, tedious and requires much dedication to produce the quality of products we have become known for. It's nice to look down and see that Henry approves of all of our hard work.
It's good to be the king.

Cheerio, Scream Teamers! Our Wicked Site Our Equally Wicked Store

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sacred Coven of Ovens & The "Name Our Ovens" Contest

We want to interact with our customers, fans, and general scary folk a bit more. So blogging seems to be a good way to share what's in our dark little hearts.

To begin this we want to discuss: ovens. "Ovens? WTF?", you ask? We shall elaborate. We use ovens to bake our foam latex appliances...FYI. We have some fancy-schmancy ovens used most often in "clean rooms" and such. These ovens are kind of like owning a Jaguar. Yes, they can respond well and do the job, BUT like fancy cars--when they break down or need repair you will be in for a ride!
fancy yet unnamed foam latex oven

Add caption

We had one repair "specialist" said he can indeed fix our one beloved-but-busted oven-- but he will need XX amount down, travel time pay, and a freakin' TRUCK FEE. (Whatever the hell that means..)  Damn, dude! We might as well buy a new oven...
So we will dutifully trudge along until Monday with our remaining ovens and pray we can haul it ourselves to the manufacturer for repair. Annoying yes, but necessary.

Okay,now the fun part! We at The Scream Team tend to anthropomorphize our stuff. We want new names for our sacred Scream Team Foam Running Ovens! You come up with the best names for our Main Trio of (large Tardis blue-colored) ovens! The winning set of names gets a Scream Team Instructional DVD!!

Email us with your ideas!

Cheerio, Scream Teamers! Our Wicked Site Our Equally Wicked Yahoo! Store

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Common Mistakes Made When Using Foam Latex Appliances

We often get asked, "What are the most common mistakes people make when applying the Scream Team Prosthetic?"

So here is our list of common first-timer mistakes:

  • Not doing your hands: You apply your foam latex appliance, color to perfection, add your contacts, wig and costume...The dead giveaway? Always your hands! Most forget to add makeup to their hands if they are exposed.  Or you can simply add gloves. It helps with the illusion that your character actually "lives"...
  • Not doing the back of your neck: We see this all the time! Even in movies! (Especially the ones where the vampires "sparkle"! AAAArgh!) The back of the neck is completely forgotten about, mainly because you just don't see it in the mirror. Have a friend help you with this task. Again, it helps the illusion.
  • Applying the lip of the foam latex appliance BELOW your own lip. Our Scream Team appliances are designed to go ON the lip not under lip. 'Nuff said.
  • Not reading the directions thoroughly. Oh heck, this is a BIG ONE! Reading our awesome directions cannot be that HARD, right? They're fun and informative. Do yourself a big favor: Read the instructions! All of them.  See them as your downloadable "Jiminy Cricket."
  • Using a non-castor oil based makeup: If you did not read the instructions (see above), this can happen. You use a commonly found, inexpensive petroleum based makeup from Target or Walgreen's or what-not and your beloved facial appliance degrades, swells, and looks like a seriously bad staff infection! (Not a look that you were not shooting for...) Why? Petroleum oil based makeup degrades foam. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Why risk it? Use a castor oil based makeup only at the very least for the base of the foundation.
  • Doing TOO MUCH: Some pieces look best when they are handled with lighter touch. Honestly, The Clown looks awesome with not alot of detail work. Stippling is a very effective technique, but let's not get out of hand and stipple the colors of the rainbow on poor old Hagatha.
  • Not doing ENOUGH: On the flip side, using our lovely Dead Lee and just painting it flesh tone with no highlights and shadows just makes him look ...well, flat. "Alive" and flat. Not a good look for a zombie. Every Scream Team piece can use shadowing and a bit if highlighting. Again, the instructions cover this in detail.
  • Not having fun with it: Stressing over/seeking perfection can take the fun out of the whole makeup experience. Relax, play. Have FUN. You are not curing some disease... you are having a blast on Halloween, remember?
  • Not giving yourself enough time: The first time you apply your Scream Team appliance, it should take you an hour or maybe two. Some customers have taken longer-- but give yourself at least that much time. Then you can go our and really experience Halloween on a whole new level!
Check in on you later.. Email us at with ideas about what you may want to read about here. We are open to almost all suggestions...;)


Friday, October 8, 2010

New Site, New Designs, New Old Designs!

Well, we made it to October in one piece! That is a tall order for our kind of business. Now the crazy ordering begins...

First, an update:
Our website: The Scream Team is newly redesigned by a certified evil genius. It's five kinds of awesome. Check it out.

Second: We want to recap our new pieces for 2010:

. Our female companion to our Beast piece. Feral is scary yet stunning.

Temptress! A new female piece: It's a sexy clown, it's a hot vampire, its a smokin' zombie! (That's what that smell was...)

Brute. Brute is a classic villain. Comic book thug, demon extraordinaire. The possibilities for Brute are endless...

Now, we want to recap what we completely RESCULPTED for 2010! Some changes were subtle for better fit and such and others got a whole new revamp!




Dark Prince





The reviews and reactions to our new designs have been been overwhelmingly positive!
Phew! We have been busy, haven't we? No rest for the wicked...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Actors and Prosthetic Makeup

"All that prosthetic makeup drains you. By the time it's lunch, you're done."
Mickey Rourke
"I had to get used to wearing a mask and wearing a prosthetic and performing with those things while singing and expressing myself through stylized movement, while keeping it as human as possible so the audience could be closer to the horror of the Phantom." Gerard Butler
"Here's the thing: I did one episode of Deep Space Nine, and I loved everybody that I worked with. People couldn't have been kinder... But I had a really, really difficult time with the prosthetics." Andrea Martin
" It [the makeup] was a major, major ordeal! The breasts were four body casts, and mould making, so it was basically four hours of prosthetics every day. First gluing them down, then the makeup. There’s nothing humble about me anymore. I’ve been naked in front of everyone." Selma Blair

Transforming one's face as an actor is as old as Thespis who acted out a hymn to honor Dionysus. Acting and makeup are both arts of transformation.

We have always said that Acting schools should offer a class called, "Acting in Prosthetics", because some actors just don't get the concept. (And yet there are those who are brilliant at it.) Your eyes become very important in makeup. The movement of your eyes and the intent behind them is an important part of prosthetic acting.

Your face is an intimate part of you. Some say, the most intimate. Changing your face in a dramatic way, such as with a foam latex appliance is an emotional journey for some. And for others, it becomes an act of freedom! At last, they are NOT themselves they are truly someone else! (We of course, love those actors!)

You can tell when an performer does not like, or is not experienced in prosthetics wearing as the first thing that goes is the ability to move their mouth. If the makeup artist has done their job; moving your face in a prosthetic is not a hard thing. It's actually quite simple. Though some actors fear they are going to "mess up the makeup" and just are not instructed to just relax and "go for it".

Maybe more makeup artists should studying acting and more actors should study makeup! It certainly has worked well for us at The Scream Team.

So our advice to you, professional actor or a Halloween enthusiast? Relax and go for it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's your Monster Backstory?

Chester Jester
Every monster has a story. And your monster should too. What makes an actor great? The prep work he has done to create his character. Why should you be any different in creating your monster? In a haunted event or even just dressing up for a party? It deserves a attention to detail.

Where did your creation come from? What made him or her that way? Can he change from good to evil and back again? Where does he live? Is he a progressive liberal trapped in a Fox-watching-conservative Glenn-Beck-worshiping family? (Oh wait, that's for another blog..)

Create a backstory so you can have your character be fully YOURS not a copy of someone else's. The more detail the better. The more original the better.

Why should this matter, you ask? Geez, it's just makeup. We have been in the makeup and haunted event biz for decades; Suffice it to say, that we have seen it all when it comes to scare-acting...the brilliant, the good and the just plain "Why are you here? Go home to your Warcraft game and let the pros work this crowd!" We know what makes a good scare actor better-- Detail. Don't overlook the small things--in your makeup design, your costume and your character choices. Really, anyone can hide, jump out and shake a noise can. Even if that is all that is expected of you; make a commitment to do more. Think outside the box. In fact, blow up the friggin' box.

Write some ideas down. Stay away from cliches and things others have done. This will make your whole experience all the richer. Then you can rejoice in the simple fact that you have helped make your audience's Halloween all that much richer, too.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post Make-Up Mistakes and Tips

AQUAPHOR MAGICOkay, the night was awesome. People were so amazed at your make-up prowess and how frightening you were. Children cried, dogs barked, goth chicks gave your their phone number. All in all, it was a makeup success thanks to you using our awesome products and finding your "inner monster"!

When taking off their foam latex appliances, most folks really want it off in a hurry. That is, dare we say-mistake number one! Take your time and take the appliance off with care, and read our directions thoroughly first (and before your night of mayhem and possible inebriation!) Be gentle with the process so ultimately you can re-use your piece again. It's worth it.

After the proper removal of the appliance and the adhesive residue, take some hand towels or washcloths and wet them and put them in the microwave for a 20 - 30 seconds or so (depending on the wattage of your microwave). Get them hot, but not scalding. Use them as you would on an airplane in first class. Lay them on your face and let it sit for a few minutes. Enjoy it. Take a deep breath, and remember your much heralded makeup and revel in your gothic laurels.

Then, gently wipe your face and wash it with a gentle facial soap. Now comes the important ending of your day:

Put some Aquaphor on your face. Yep, we are recommending a specific product: Aquaphor by Eucerin. The stuff is like magic! It has the consistency of Vaseline so a little goes a long way. But after a night of wearing an appliance its the perfect "night cap" for your skin. Great for tattoos, too. We are considering carrying this in our Scream Team Makeup kit for next season.