Friday, October 8, 2010

New Site, New Designs, New Old Designs!

Well, we made it to October in one piece! That is a tall order for our kind of business. Now the crazy ordering begins...

First, an update:
Our website: The Scream Team is newly redesigned by a certified evil genius. It's five kinds of awesome. Check it out.

Second: We want to recap our new pieces for 2010:

. Our female companion to our Beast piece. Feral is scary yet stunning.

Temptress! A new female piece: It's a sexy clown, it's a hot vampire, its a smokin' zombie! (That's what that smell was...)

Brute. Brute is a classic villain. Comic book thug, demon extraordinaire. The possibilities for Brute are endless...

Now, we want to recap what we completely RESCULPTED for 2010! Some changes were subtle for better fit and such and others got a whole new revamp!




Dark Prince





The reviews and reactions to our new designs have been been overwhelmingly positive!
Phew! We have been busy, haven't we? No rest for the wicked...