Monday, July 23, 2012

Goin' to see an exorcist? Us too! Hollywood makeup, fear, faith and demons

A few of us are going to see the Broadway bound play, The Exorcist soon, here in L.A.. This brings up the topic of fear, religion, possession, faith and redemption. Some of us here at The Scream Team grew up reading  Peter Blatty's book  back in the day. That, coupled with Dick Smith's amazing makeup on Linda Blair,  we think The Exorcist is still very scary. Yes, there's bloodier and gorier scare flicks, but the Exorcist frightens on a primal and intelligent level. (At least to us!)

Nefarious Foam Latex Appliance | The Scream Team | Demon
Nefarious Foam Latex Appliance |The Scream Team
Many believe religion is based on fear: fearing God, devils, punishment. We won't go into that in our little special effects makeup blog, but suffice it to say, your background can play a big part in what you fear and don't fear. 

We will let you know how the play production fares. Maybe we should go to see in in full foam latex makeup! (We will show them what scary is!) 

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