Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zombie Wedding: Til Death Do Us Part

Zombies. In Wedding attire. 107 Degree heat. That was our day, yesterday... No complaints, though. Heat aside ---our models were so much fun and our photographer was stellar, and the makeup was awesome as ever (if we do say so ourselves.)
It was fun finding abandoned areas to shoot in. Well, it was fun TRYING to find abandoned areas.! The models were a couple so they were not as inhibited about a wedding zombie shoot as two strangers would be!  We used Dead Lee, one of our best selling pieces on The Groom. He rocked it. And we used our BRAND NEW ZOMBIE PIECE, "Z" on The Bride. We loved both of them. "Z" has exposed bone and a wicked set of molars showing. Its a two piece appliance, so you can choose to wear the bottom half or not, its the user's choice.
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Zombie Wedding: 'Till Death Do Us Part

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