Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stupid things people do when they are scared

Being in the makeup effects industry we can say we have almost "seen in all", when it comes to the way the public reacts to being scared. Some people do the craziest things when they are genuinely frightened. We have witnessed screaming, crying, punching and other acts of violence, urination, defecation, going into labor, freezing motionless on the spot, histrionics, uncontrollable shaking, and much more.
The violent and angry reactions, like punching are of course, the hardest to take. There is nothing stronger than a pumped up 14 girl with an adrenaline kick from being scared of your character, beware! LOL!

So if you are in the scare industry, and are new to it.. Please note, some peoples first reaction is to lash out. Understand this and perform safely out of range if you can.

What is the funniest/weirdest reaction you have ever gotten while wearing a foam latex appliance, like ours?

Post here  and let us know. We love to hear the Halloween haunted industry stories...

Happy Haunting!
The Scream Team

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