Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sacred Coven of Ovens & The "Name Our Ovens" Contest

We want to interact with our customers, fans, and general scary folk a bit more. So blogging seems to be a good way to share what's in our dark little hearts.

To begin this we want to discuss: ovens. "Ovens? WTF?", you ask? We shall elaborate. We use ovens to bake our foam latex appliances...FYI. We have some fancy-schmancy ovens used most often in "clean rooms" and such. These ovens are kind of like owning a Jaguar. Yes, they can respond well and do the job, BUT like fancy cars--when they break down or need repair you will be in for a ride!
fancy yet unnamed foam latex oven

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We had one repair "specialist" said he can indeed fix our one beloved-but-busted oven-- but he will need XX amount down, travel time pay, and a freakin' TRUCK FEE. (Whatever the hell that means..)  Damn, dude! We might as well buy a new oven...
So we will dutifully trudge along until Monday with our remaining ovens and pray we can haul it ourselves to the manufacturer for repair. Annoying yes, but necessary.

Okay,now the fun part! We at The Scream Team tend to anthropomorphize our stuff. We want new names for our sacred Scream Team Foam Running Ovens! You come up with the best names for our Main Trio of (large Tardis blue-colored) ovens! The winning set of names gets a Scream Team Instructional DVD!!

Email us with your ideas!

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