Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can You Use A Foam Latex Appliance Over Facial Hair?

We get this question quite frequently: "Can I use Scream Team Foam Latex Appliances over my beard/mustache/goatee?" The answer can be found on our Facebook page here.

Foam latex appliances adhere best to clean shaven skin
Really, George?
In essence yes, you can. We usually recommend men to be completely clean-shaven. The cleaner the better. It creates better adhesion to the appliance. But, that being said, there are ways to have a shorter facial hair and wear an appliance.

Remember the key is to make sure that the areas where the appliance and the face meet, needs to be clean-shaven or the look will NOT work. A beard coming through the side of The Clown's face but not on his evil cheeks and chin does not a scary clown make. It ruins the illusion.

We think of it this way: you are willing to buy a movie quality appliance, take the time to make it perfect, why not shave all the way? (Yeah, we hear ya, brothas..."but it's part of ME..") So in that interest, we have given the you instructions on how to have reasonable facial hair and wear a foam latex prosthetic. 

Hope it helps!

Happy Haunting!

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