Friday, August 5, 2011

Sneak Peak Of The Scream Team's NEW DESIGN for 2011!

We are biased, yes but Scott is pretty much the fastest sculptor in the biz. Two days ago, he was told that customers on FB and Twitter were clamoring for a scarecrow design.  Done and done--and  it's being duplicated many times over for the molding process already (We have a feeling that this new going to be HUGELY popular!)

We have seen scarecrows done before in foam latex. While they all have their charms, Scott wanted a different take on it. Scott usually designs things that can work well with the average structure of the human face/anatomy. But he also comes from the place of, "More is not always better - or scarier for that matter." Frequently, makeup designers go over the top in terms of design... Forgetting that a real human being has to wear the appliance, move in it and bring it to life. Scott has a unique ability to create pieces that highlight the wearer's humanity.

Enter Scarecrow. This design will be probably the only scarecrow foam latex appliance on the market that can look completely different on every user. Scott did not sculpt in any of those  infamous scarecrow stitches at all. He wants to let the user decide where they want the stitches! (Using twine, thread, or even just makeup Scott will show you how it's done. ) This piece even has the ability to have a burlap hood attached.

One customer on Facebook, suggested that RAPTOR could be used for a woman and SCARECROW for a man.. NICE. Couple photoshoot in the works!

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