Monday, August 1, 2011

Henry: The Ballad Of The Scream Team Shop Dog

Henry's motto: Naps Solve All Problems
We, at The Scream Team love animals. In fact, we sometimes make a decision on a stranger's character solely based on what Henry, (The Scream Team Basset Hound) thinks of them. (Luckily, Henry's opinions of others usually rests completely on the person's willingness to rub his belly. Go figure. )

Henry likes to be in the mix of things around the shop. His nickname is "speed bump", because of unique proclivity to lay exactly in your walking path. It's his non verbal way of telling us to, "Slow down! take it easy."

"But why does it smell so bad?"
At one point, a cup blood red colored latex got tipped over and a bit of it landed on sweet ole Henry's posterior. And it was not noticed until late in the day when we worried he might have been hurt. "Is that BLOOD?? Is Henry BLEEDING??" Nope. Liquid Latex...DRIED. into. the. dog fur. We combed, brushed and even super-solved the area. And decided that since it didn't hurt Henry, we should leave his poor hindquarters alone. In fact, it became his Halloween makeup effects badge of honor!

We have not trained King Henry to run foam yet, due to his annoying lack of opposable thumbs. Yet his zen-like ability to nap in the make-up chaos keeps us all centered during the busy Halloween rush.

"See, belly rubs are magic!"
The creation of foam latex appliances can be difficult, tedious and requires much dedication to produce the quality of products we have become known for. It's nice to look down and see that Henry approves of all of our hard work.
It's good to be the king.

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felicity8881 said...

He is so cute... Gotta love a dog that will still love you after being covered in latex. ;-)

REEpER667 said...

Henry keep up the good work buddy and don't let those guys work you to hard during Halloween. You look like you pulled an all nighter there to get the work done! Now that's dedication!