Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Scream Team On Geek Show Podcast! Holla!

Hey Kiddies...

Lola in her knit version of the Rebel Alliance Hat!
We wanted to let you know we the kind folk of The Scream Team were mentioned on The Geek Show Podcast this past week!

Our shop manager, foam runner and Geek Collector, Lola Binkerd was back in her old stomping grounds (SLC) and popped by the fellas at he podcast to say "Hey!"...(Run for the hills, boys..It's a real live GIRL!)
She mentioned us and was thoroughly entertaining! Thanks, Lola. You rock.

(Kerry, Jimmy and JMV, you have our permission "borrow" her from us for your podcasts.. she was awesome.) Download the podcast here.

Happy Hauntings,
The Scream Team
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