Monday, July 30, 2012

Klout score: What is it? And how does it relate to monsters?

Klout. What the heck is KLOUT? You may be seeing that term/ website all over the place of late.
Klout is a website that uses analytics and algorithms to calculate how influential you are on social media, like Twitter and Facebook. The scoring system is 1-100. YouTube has a score of 100. Barack Obama has a score of 98. Topics of influence can be created by the user and by people he/she influences. So say, you are a super awesome World Of Warcraft expert. Add that to you topics list and people can give you points (called Klout +) and little by little your Klout score rises.
SO what's the big deal about that? We have read that some employers are checking Klout scores before an interview. Odd, yes maybe at this point. But not in a year or so. Check it out and see what your score is.
Pops The Clown Has Klout. Or Klown. 
It's more of a social media game at this point. But who knows how important this will be in the future. 
So how does this relate to Halloween, monsters, foam latex appliances and general scary stuff? Well, the more influential we are online, the more people like you will be able to find us. And don't we want more scary clowns running around? We do.
Ciao For Now, Our monster army..
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