Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Scream Team Enters A Wicked OZ

What a day for a wicked photoshoot!

Lots of our fans on Facebook have been waiting for our new piece, Scarecrow to make his appearance. At last the day for the photoshoot arrived.

Scott and Mike were ready to go, as the makeup artistes extraordinaire! Our models, Matt and Ary were willing, able and chomping at the bit to make this shoot a success.

During the application process, Lola and Matt were talking about how cool it would be to have Lola in the shoot as Dorothy! A perfect blue dress magically appeared and Lola was already wearing her ruby Converse. Perfect. Bad-Ass Trip To Oz is on!

The makeup was awesome as ever, Scott has sculpted Scarecrow's facial texture to look like real burlap fabric!  It was amazing to watch the transformation! Mike's take on The Crow (also known as our Raptor piece) was perfect.

We all wanted Scarecrow to be a questionable character, not the classic good guy. We wanted a "Wizard Of Oz meets Batman villain"! We achieved that to be sure.

Ary was amazing in his movements, he WAS that crow! Slightly Steampunk, ever-creepy. Perfect. Matt amazed us with the emotion in his eyes. He just got it. Angry, misunderstood, not too villainous, but don't trust him. He nailed it.

Lola is our resident bad-ass in training. She is a girly-girl with ton of spunk. (She can shoot a bow and arrow, people!) So, we wanted her Dorothy to be more like a slightly more demure Xena. A crow slayer with a loyalty to her friend, Scarecrow. Lola done good.

Mike's photography was brilliant. Ever willing to fight biting bugs, flies and treacherous footing to the get right shot. Thanks, Mike!

All in all, a fun day. We love the shots and feel it looks cinematic. (Hmmm? There's an idea...)

Scarecrow is going to be in limited runs, but we are going to do all we can to accommodate everyone that wants this bad boy.

Every piece in our line comes with downloadable directions as to apply, color, remove and re-use the foam latex appliance. But Scarecrow warranted his own addendum, also downloadable. Make sure to download and READ both, folks!

Happy Haunting, Scream Teamers!

The Scream Team

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